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Professor L.J. Martin
Head of Clinical Department & Professor: Management protocols for rape survivors; domestic homicide; monitoring implementation of rape law reforms; domestic violence guidelines for the health sector; epidemiology of female murder; aortic disease; indicators for the Lodox Statscan in children; age estimations for children using Lodox statscans; paediatric trauma and World Cup Soccer; National study of female and children homicide in South Africa; identification of areas for quality improvements in preventable trauma deaths at Groote Schuur Hospital.

Dr G.M. Kirk
Head of Clinical Unit & Senior Lecturer: Sudden deaths in sport; firearm injuries; death notification; drug-related deaths; forensic histopathology; history of forensic medicine.

Dr Y.Y. van der Heyde
Senior Specialist & Senior Lecturer: The effects of pre-natal alcohol exposure; paediatric mortality; animal bites in children; early adolescent suicide, child homicide including child abuse; sudden unexpected death in childhood including SIDS.


The medico-legal investigation of sudden unexpected infant deaths in South Africa: Lessons learned from the past - to unite in future.
Collaboration with Departments of Forensic Medicine, Universities of Pretoria, Stellenbosch, KwaZulu Natal, Cape Town, Witwatersrand & the Free State.

A National Study of Female and Child Homicide in South Africa.
Principal Investigator: Shanaaz Mathews (Gender & Health Research Unit, Medical Research Council)
Co-Investigators: Naeema Abrahams (Gender & Health Research Unit, Medical Research Council); Prof Rachel Jewkes (Director, Gender & Health Research Unit, Medical Research Council ) and Prof Lorna J Martin (Head of Division, Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, University of Cape Town).

Sexual Violence in South Africa: Can the introduction of forensically trained sexual assault nurse examiners have an effect in reducing the incidence of sexual violence and improve the quality of care provided to patients?
Principal Investigator: Prof Lorna J Martin (Head of Division, Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, University of Cape Town)
Co-Investigators: Claudine Hennessey (Clinical Laboratory Sciences, University of Cape Town)

Trauma mortalities (reviewing the preventability of any traumatic death to identify areas of improvement in the care of trauma patients).
Collaboration with Groote Schuur Hospital, the Oregon Health & Science University, and Vancouver General Hospital.