Gavin Pharo

Forensic Scientist (Toxicology) | Forensic Toxicology Unit (FTU), Forensic Pathology Service (FPS),  Western Cape Government Department of Health (WCGH)

Gavin Pharo is a Forensic Scientist in the Forensics Toxicology Unit (FTU), under the auspices of both the UCT Division of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology and the Western Cape Health Forensic Pathology Service. Gavin has completed a BSc degree in Genetics and Microbiology, a BSc (Hons) in Human Genetics and an MPhil in Biomedical Forensic Science (Thesis focus in Forensic Genetics) at UCT. After completion of his Masters, Gavin became employed within FTU in 2018. His current research aims to describe the population of Methaqualone positive post-mortem cases examined at Salt River Mortuary.

Office: 1.01.1 Falmouth Building, UCT FHS, Observatory 7945, Cape Town. 
Tel: 021 406 6024