Mr Omar Galant

Omar Galant is a high-spirited individual, employed with the Provincial Government for a total of 38 years. He is a Senior Administrative Officer at the Forensic Department, specialising in his role for the past 26 years. Prior to this, Omar has worked as a Messenger and Library General Assistant at the Provincial Library Services.

Omar is responsible for the management of the Forensic Department’s assets and stores, all Forensic documentation such as reports and statements for Criminal Prosecutions as well as monitoring the Forensic Pathology Service systems.

Omar is also quite active in the local community and participates in many sporting activities. At PGWC, he is part of the Social Responsiveness Program, ensuring that food is distributed to impoverished areas in Cape Town. Omar is also a bag pipe player in a non-profit organisation, Habibia Muslim Brigade, which focuses on improving the lives of our youth. On the sporting front, Omar is the Chairperson on the Sports Committee for the Forensic Department as well as a complete licenced Zumba Instructor in Cape Town.